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When Traveling….

When Traveling….

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September 4, 2015

Labor Day weekend offers the chance for a quick weekend getaway before the long haul of fall and winter. It is a good time to plant seeds, enjoy a walk, or to take the day trip that you keep putting off. Since so many of the HMU staff travelledl this summer and fall, we felt that today’s article should celebrate travel itself. We are all long time book-lovers who also like to travel and see the places that we read about. Therefore, we thought it might be fun to have some staff members post a few of the items that they always carry with them. Some of the staff even shared their recent/upcoming destinations. It is a really fun celebration of difference to see the way a person packs. It also invites a bit of conversation, which is, of course, one of the things that HMU does best. We hope you enjoy a safe and fun weekend….take that day trip, and don’t forget to pack your essentials!

Also, since some folks mentioned music as a necessary travel companion…feel free to read while listening to Willie Nelson sing “On the Road Again“.


Deborah Deacon:

Since I went to Vietnam in January, I’m not doing any travelling, other than to the Poconos for a Great Books event in early November. But here’s what I usually take with me on the road:  my rainbow person-shaped pillow, a junk novel or two, Wen conditioner for my hair.

I used to always take my running shoes (26 states and 21 countries) but now that I’ve gotten older I take my bathing suit and goggles (18 states and 11 countries). 


Rebecca Fisher:

open mind, big appetite, historical fiction set in the region I am travelling

Recent travels: The Baltic Sea


Gary Schoepfel:

My most-packed (and highly valued) travel item? Space. In other words, I always try to take as little as possible. I’ve been all over the world. I’ve yet to be somewhere that I could not purchase another shirt, dental floss, the hat I couldn’t live without, etc. Good travellers know that fashion is second to function and ease. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen miserable travellers lugging extra pounds when running to catch a train, walking the 13 blocks to the hotel, paying baggage fees on the plane. And all for that extra pair of red heels. Nope! I take space.


Dominique Wagner:

Must-Haves: My running shoes, Ear buds, Bluetooth Speaker, Phone with my pre-programmed playlists (anything from jazz, 60/70s pop,  classic rock to electronica/dance)

Recent Destinations: Pacific Beach in San Diego, North Shore of Lake Tahoe, Flagstaff, AZ, and (saving the best for last…), Chicago over 4th of July weekend for the Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary shows @ Soldier Field


Margaret Metcalf:

layered clothing, 3 pairs of shoes – casual slip on shoes like Tom’s, athletic shoes, simple dress flats; go-to little black traveller dress/slacks, sun visor, windbreaker, cell phone & iPad, 2 credit cards, driver license and car insurance info, sunscreen, medical insurance cards, cash.


Alissa Simon:

Regardless of destination, I always take: swimsuit, chapstick, Tazo Awake tea, sturdy walking shoes, fleece (or warm layer), empty journal and pens.

I recently travelled to Pensacola and Nashville.


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  3. Aspalis Concierge

    OK I think that the first thing on everybody’s checklist, before travelling, must be his/her best mood!

  4. What is your opinion on e-readers?…i know alot of people love the feel of a real book, but you cant deny the advantages of being able to carry a whole library in your pocket. best travel invention ever.

  5. I agree with most of these haha. So much for traveling light! For me though, as a travel blogger, my only real "must have" is my phone. Not for calls but for Google Maps, internet searches, taking notes, photos….

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