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Day: January 24, 2020

We’re excited that you’ve joined the conversation! At HMU, we want to continue the great authors’ conversations in a contemporary context, and this blog will help us do that. We look back to Aristotle and the early philosophers who used reason and discourse to gain wisdom and now we endeavor to do the same every day.


January 24, 2020

Thanks to Alissa Simon, HMU Tutor, for today’s blog.

How do metaphors reveal a hidden truth? Question 1, Article 8 of Aquinas’s Summa Theologica investigates whether or not Sacred Doctrine is a matter of argument. One common answer, as Aquinas notes, would be to say that they are articles of faith. However, Aquinas answers that, though arguments are generated from “articles of faith, but from them it goes on to prove something else,

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