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Classical Pursuits’ Adam Bede

Classical Pursuits’ Adam Bede

Join Tutor Alissa Simon as she participates in Classical Pursuits’ “Adam Bede: Daydreams, Deeds, and Destiny” online seminar. When it was published in 1859, Adam Bede became the most reviewed novel of the year, and proved so popular that Queen Victoria commissioned paintings based on it and a race horse was named after the title character. Contemporary reviewers raved about the novel’s vivid characters and powerful evocation of the provincial life of 60 years earlier. Eliot characterized the book as “a country story—full of the breath of cows and the scent of hay.” In this seminar, participants will study Adam Bede both as an historical novel that spoke to its original readers in particular ways and as a book with implications for our own times and dilemmas. Visit the Classical Pursuits’ website for more information or to register: https://www.classicalpursuits.com/product/adam-bede/.



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