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Harrison Middleton University students receive a survey at the end of each course, and graduates receive a survey at the end of their program. The survey measures student and graduate satisfaction, and indicates if students and graduates are benefiting from the learning experiences provided. In 2023, 59 surveys were sent and 42 responses were received. This is a 71% response rate.

*Students are surveyed at the end of each course, and at the end of the program. Results above include all responses received in 2023.

Student Survey Results from 2023 

Did you achieve, or will you have achieved upon completing your studies, the goals you had when you started the program?
YES (42 out of 42 respondents) 100%
Would you recommend Harrison Middleton University to a friend?
YES (42 out of 42 respondents) 100%
All things considered, are you satisfied with your studies at Harrison Middleton University?
YES (42 out of 42 respondents) 100%

Individualized Program of Study

HMU gave me the opportunity to individualize my program of learning while earning a masters in humanities and doctorate in education. The process has helped me in my career as it gave me many ways to think and problem solve.
The program at HMU allows the student to focus himself on those topics that are of the greatest interest to him. Not only does the student select for himself works by authors who have contributed greatly to humanity’s understanding of the world, particularly in the western world, his studies are focused through a lens of his choosing from among just over one hundred topics that are of universal concern. These topics include: Justice, Art, Sign and Symbol, and Will. My own studies focused on Justice, Good and Evil, and Punishment and were comprised of readings in Plato, Plotinus, Augustine, Calvin, and Kant, among others. Through such readings I contemplated what it means to live a good life—what is the duty of the human being to his fellows and to himself. I was challenged to step outside of my own point of view and consider ideas that I had never before considered or to which I had given insufficient consideration

Lifelong Learning

Attending Harrison Middleton University was one of the best decisions I made, both professionally and personally. Although already successful in my career, I wanted to grow in some specific areas for which HMU was uniquely able to support me. The student-centric, iterative process inspired me to take risks, engaging in some of the more challenging areas of study. I grew as a teacher-scholar as hoped, and something else magical happened: I rediscovered my own joy of learning.
The rhythms of independent study followed by discussion and reflection with difficult texts, challenge me to be a lifelong learner and to compassionately understand the struggles that my students face as learners.

Interdisciplinary Studies

The interdisciplinary nature of a liberal arts education provides the opportunity to explore ideas across subject matters that will allow me to attain a well-rounded education that will define me as a person and as a professional.

Program Rigor

No one accomplishes anything significant without help. From the first time I contacted the university, I was treated in a kindly manner. I received help from everyone I came in contact with throughout my time as a student. The staff and faculty made it possible for me to achieve a significant life goal –that of earning a doctorate. I want to add, these same people, especially my tutors, also demanded excellence from me in my work. They did not hesitate to call for better thinking in the discussions of the course work, or to demand re-writes on papers. Yes, a student gets to tailor the curriculum to their perceived needs. And yes, the student will read, think, discuss, and write to a high standard. You will earn your degree.
As a Christian, I chose a liberal arts education at HMU because the Great Conversation the school emphasizes better qualified me to solve human problems. The numerous multi-faceted difficulties that the world faces require an interdisciplinary approach that only one who holds all intelligence with equal esteem could appreciate. The liberal arts education at HMU trains students to synthesize and generalize the ideas of scholars and experts from various fields—past and present—to develop alternative solutions to seemingly intractable problems. By completing the Great Conversation coursework in the doctor of arts program at HMU, I believe I can now mount a more vigorous challenge to the misery and despair of the world.

Program Components

I find the combination of activities of reading, question generation, and discussion provide an iterative process that allows one to see and analyze different perspectives with regard to the great ideas. The end of course essay then provides an opportunity for a thematic synthesis of the ideas and new insights.

Convenience of a distance program

In the time that it took me to earn my master’s degree with Harrison Middleton University, I moved three times. Studying with HMU provided a continuity that would have been lost if I had been forced to rely upon local colleges.


HMU put me on a fantastic career path. I’m increasingly involved in change management and organizational development, which has me tapping into what I learned and practiced in my studies through HMU.

The Great Conversation

I continue to be impressed by all of the important works I am learning in my courses. I am constantly improving my comprehension of the material through the interpretive process. The Socratic method is a fantastic way of studying the great works. My interactions with each tutor have been an enlightening experience. I continue to be pleased with my choice to have Harrison Middleton University as the school for my academic advancement.
HMU is a different kind of school. Here I read the important authors such as: Homer, Plato, Aristotle, Aquinas, and Luther. The way the course work is structured, the authors of the great books are the professors, and the doctors who guide you are your tutors. The student engages the great ideas of the great books directly and in depth, becoming a part of the on-going great conversation. That is what I wanted.

Would you recommend HMU to a friend?

As a professional in the field of education, one is expected to remain engaged in the teaching and learning enterprise. Usually this is described as professional development or continuing education. Often it can be drudgery. I have known about Harrison Middleton University’s impressive program for years. The course of study is anchored in careful reading of primary sources, the history of ideas, and the authors in the Great Books of the Western World. Working with the highly professional tutors and mentors at HMU, I was able to design a course of study that exceeded my professional and personal goals. Being able to engage in such a rich reservoir of original readings and research has been a most edifying undertaking. I have and will continue to recommend this unique educational opportunity.

All things considered, are you satisfied with your studies at Harrison Middleton University?

I chose a liberal arts education at HMU because I was able to design my own course of study based on my own interests and authors in the Great Books of the Western World. The flexibility and distance learning education was also a draw to the program for me. I found great enjoyment from discussion of the Great Books with the Mentors, and Evaluators. The Doctor of Arts program fit in well with my lifelong learning goals and liberal arts education. I am highly satisfied with my studies at the Harrison Middleton University and study of the Great Books has enriched my personal interests and opened my eyes to many authors I previously had not been exposed to. I highly recommend Harrison Middleton University to anyone that wishes to further their education in the Arts.
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