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Harrison Middleton University offers continuing education units for courses and programs from the following partner organizations. Applicants for CEUs will be asked to provide a certificate of completion for the course(s) taken. The course(s) length and content will be assessed by Harrison Middleton University before units are awarded.

In addition to offering CEU’s for programs from the following organizations, HMU faculty and tutors also participate in their events and programs.

Great Books Summer Program

Great Books Summer Program

The Great Books Summer Program gathers exceptional middle and high school students from across the world to read, discuss, and debate selections from the greatest works of literature. Students experience college-level seminars, contribute to lively discussion, and enjoy summer fun with other literary-minded students. GBSP offers programs at the University of Oxford, Amherst College, Stanford University, Northwestern University, Dublin, and Beijing, as well as “Tales of the Sea: a Tall Ship Adventure” that combines the study of maritime literature and lore with living and learning to sail a tall ship off the coast of Maine.

Students engage with acclaimed professors and program assistants from leading universities, and they participate in two, daily seminars, small-group discussions, electives, and social events. Striking a balance between academics, art, and peer interaction, the program offers students the opportunity to find their own voices through the exploration of essential literature and philosophy.

The mission of the Great Books Summer Program is to create warm and lively communities of learning where free inquiry, reason, and civil discourse shape critical thinking skills. Visit the Great Books Summer Program website.

Dr. Joseph Coulson, HMU President, and Dr. Marcus Conley, HMU Dean and Tutor, serve as Academic Directors/faculty in the Great Books Summer Program at Stanford University.

Classical Pursuits

Classical Pursuits offers a variety of learning vacations here and abroad for adults to share their ideas about great works of literature, art, and music in a relaxed and informal setting. Classical Pursuits works closely with The Great Books Foundation in Chicago, Illinois. The Great Books Foundation provides many discussion leaders for Classical Pursuits learning vacations and offers continuing guidance on how to more meaningfully read and discuss books. Visit the Classical Pursuits website.

Great Books Foundation

Great Books Foundation

The Great Books Foundation is an independent, non-profit educational organization whose mission is to provide people of all ages with the opportunity to read, discuss, and learn from outstanding works of literature. Founded in 1947 by Robert Maynard Hutchins, then president of the University of Chicago, and philosopher and scholar Mortimer Adler, the Foundation was established to encourage lifelong learning for all citizens. As part of a grass-roots movement to promote continuing education beyond the classroom, the Foundation aimed to provide opportunities for all Americans to participate in a “Great Conversation” of some of the world’s best writing. Visit The Great Books Foundation website.

Because discussion is the heart of the curriculum at Harrison Middleton University, the university supports The Great Books Foundation and has collaborated on the publication of several of its anthologies. 

Harrison Middleton University is a DEAC accredited institution. Continuing education offerings are outside the scope of accreditation granted by DEAC.

For further information about Harrison Middleton University’s continuing education program and collaborations, please contact Rebecca Fisher, Dean of Continuing Education, at rf*****@hm*.edu

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