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Fellowship in Ideas
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Taiwo Oguntuyo

The fellowship was a very great opportunity for learning and enhancing my professional prowess.”

Taiwo Oguntuyo, 2020 Fellowship in Ideas Recipient

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Laken Brooks

“I am so satisfied and grateful for this opportunity! It has changed my confidence in myself and has encouraged me to adopt more equitable, general inquiry interactions in my teaching and my graduate seminars. Thank you so much for the lifetime connections!”

Laken Brooks, 2019 Fellowship in Ideas Recipient

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David Yamada

“This Fellowship has been a wonderful opportunity, and I am very grateful for it. As I’ve shared previously, it came at a time when I’m broadening my intellectual horizons in ways that are connecting categories and yielding new insights.

David Yamada, 2022 Fellowship in Ideas Recipient


Fellowship in Ideas

The HMU Fellowship in Ideas is a writing and discussion project in the humanities designed for a recent university graduate from any field who has an interest in the humanities, interdisciplinary dialogue, and intellectual and professional enrichment. The Fellowship offers emerging scholars exposure to the history of ideas in Western civilization, networking opportunities amongst an array of academicians, lifelong learners, readers, and thinkers from a broad range of disciplines, and credited authorship in two university publications.

The role of the fellows

Over the course of nine months, the HMU Fellow in Ideas will:

  • Participate in virtual Socratic discussions with university faculty and other Fellows.

  • Contribute two entries to the Harrison Middleton University Blog.

  • Publish a book review in HMU: Dialogues, Harrison Middleton University’s biannual newsletter.


The successful applicant to the HMU Fellowship in Ideas will enjoy the following benefits:

  • A $500 stipend.

  • The opportunity to participate in virtual Socratic discussions with university faculty and Fellows.

  • Online publication in the HMU Blog and HMU: Dialogues.

  • At the conclusion of the Fellowship term, a complimentary set of three Great Books Foundation publications.

Application Requirements

The successful applicant must:

  • Have received a Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctoral degree (in any field).
  • Have an interest in the humanities and the great ideas of Western civilization.
  • Demonstrate outstanding reading, writing, and communication abilities.
  • Commit to writing two blog entries for the HMU Blog and one book review for HMU: Dialogues.

Application Process

Please provide the following:

  • A completed application form.
  • A biographical statement of no more than 500 words that addresses your background as a student, your interest in the humanities, and your interest in the HMU Fellowship in Ideas.
  • An appropriately cited expository essay of no more than 1500 words plus a works cited page, applying your interest to a great idea in the humanities related to one of these concentrations: imaginative literature, natural science, philosophy and religion, and social science. While we encourage the use of technology and tools to enhance your writing, we ask that you exercise academic integrity and creativity in your work. Your submissions should reflect your own original thoughts, analysis, and insights.

Submit your application (PDF) and writing samples as attached Microsoft Word-compatible documents to In*********@hm*.edu by November 15, 2023. Shortlisted candidates will be requested to participate in an interview by Zoom.

Meet our 2024 FEllowship in Ideas REcipients
Tyler Wright

Tyler Wright

Tyler holds a Doctor of Educational Technology (DET) with Central Michigan University, blending scholarly research into game development pursuits. His research interests include digital interactive fiction and game design and development pedagogies, which are at the centre of his dissertation entitled Digital inroads into nonlinear storytelling. Dr. Wright’s longstanding interest in reviving and exploring classic literature through the game medium resulted in new game adaptations of beloved works from the likes of: Lewis Carroll, H. G. Wells, L. Frank Baum, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and John Ruskin.  His guiding philosophy relates to the idea of the scholar as developer—that through world-building immersion one is drawn closer to the original text now reimagined.

Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart

Ian is a resident of sunny South Florida and has experience in both education and mental health advocacy. He is interested in bridging the gap between the liberal arts and mental health. In his downtime, he leads role-playing games and cantors for his local church.

Jennifer Claiborne

Jennifer-NeToi Claiborne

Jennifer-NeToi, a community engagement and education leader, seamlessly intertwines her passion for the humanities with a steadfast dedication to inclusivity. As a teacher, poet, and children’s book writer, she actively fosters environments where everyone feels recognized, valued, and inspired to express their creativity. Jennifer-NeToi’s commitment to teaching and learning is evident throughout her extensive career. Grounded in literature, art, philosophy, and history, her academic journey includes a Master of Liberal Arts from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Jackson State University. Currently pursuing a certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University, Jennifer-NeToi envisions a society that celebrates the richness of our world. She has a profound commitment to fostering transformative learning experiences for all.

John Wiley

John Wiley

John has spent most of his career with one foot in academia and the other in pastoral ministry. From an academic standpoint, he has taught students at both high school and undergraduate levels in a variety of courses within the humanities. From his seminary studies, he has specialized in hymnology and continues to research the interplay between faith, church music, and the humanities. John lives in Blue Ridge, Virginia, with his wonderful wife and two boys, where he serves as an associate pastor and adjunct professor.
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