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Why Is Harrison Middleton University Right for You?

Personalized Coursework

Students at Harrison Middleton University design their own programs of study based on classics and modern classics in imaginative literature, natural science, philosophy and religion, and social science. All programs at the university are discussion based, which is to say, students and Tutors at the university engage essential authors in a conversation about ideas and issues that have concerned people in every epoch, covering a wide range of humanities inquiries and interests.

With the guidance of an Instructional Team, students build a program of study and develop courses that meet their academic and personal goals. Because students enrolled in distance-education programs tend to be self-directed, independent learners dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, students find developing their own program of study an exciting opportunity.

Flexible Study

Students continue their education while maintaining a healthy and satisfying balance of work, family, and community. Students schedule their coursework on dates and times that are convenient for them. Tutors are available for discussions Monday–Saturday, 7:00 am-7:00 pm Pacific Time.

Open Enrollment

Students enroll and begin their studies at any time.

Transfer Credit

HMU’s policies aim to maximize the amount of credits students can transfer into their programs.


Students are assigned a Mentor to guide them from entry to graduation.


Students interact individually with Tutors throughout their coursework. The principal role of the tutors is not to expound doctrines in their particular areas of knowledge, but rather to promote thoughtful inquiry and the productive exchange of ideas.

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